What is Troo?

Troo is a user-centered, privacy-focused, security-first platform for safely storing and sharing your data, and for building and maintaining meaningful personal and professional connections through secure, powerful, and user-friendly communication options including individual and group messaging and video conferencing.

We are launching our public beta this summer to a select few, so if you'd like to receive an invitation when we're ready for you to join, please sign up today!

We want you to drive the development and evolution of the platform. We want you to own it and make it your own. All data you put on the site—from your name, to photos, videos, or other files, to blog posts—is secure, private, and visible only to you by default. Even we won't see it. All of your data will be encrypted, at all times. When you want to share some information about yourself, or share a file like a photo with someone, you will explictly give that person permission. Even if they forward that photo on to someone else, that person won't be able to view it.

We think it is important for you to have a safe space to present yourself to the world, to express yourself, and to connect with others in a meaningful way—all while owning your own data.

If you’d like to be one of the first users to gain access to the platform when we launch, please leave your name and email address by clicking below, and we will contact you when we have room for you to join.

By the way, no need to worry about unwanted connection requests. You declare the nature of connections you’re open to receiving, and no one has access to any personally identifiable information about you unless you specifically give them permission. They'll only see there is a ‘match’ based on data both of you are comfortable sharing, and they can then send you an anonymous request to connect.

A safe environment is important for you to feel comfortable and free. You won't be overwhelmed by ads, fake news, bullying, or offensive material, because you decide with whom to connect, and you can block any content or any person when you feel uncomfortable.