Why Troo, why now?

Many people are lonely and isolated, and it is difficult to find people with shared interests, ideals, and experiences. The current ways we have of meeting new people are mostly superficial and lack any real insight into providing a true and lasting connection with others.

We believe there is a better way of meeting people than swiping based on looks, and we believe there are limitations in meeting people through our existing networks or at work. This is especially so for people from certain communities or who live in remote areas.

Troo offers a way to meet people based on what is most important to you. Find people nearby or on the other side of the world who share interests, experiences, values, or ambitions.

It is difficult to find someone in a sea of over 7 billion people (over 4 billion of which are currently online). But as more and more people join Troo, we will be able to find others who can share in what is most important to us.

Many social media and other tech companies sell our data for profit, and some facilitate fake news and bullying and are run by executives with no moral compass and a lack of maturity and social responsibility.

These companies are taking advantage of us and misusing our data. They use our data to target us in ways in which we are not always aware or comfortable.

Not Troo. We will never share or sell your data to third parties. In fact, it is in our DNA—Troo is incorporated as a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, and in our Certificate of Incorporation we've explicitly declared that we will not "...sell or share user-specific data to third parties, nor use said data internally...".

Without a strong policy towards security, companies are often vulnerable to attack, but it is our user data which is compromised.

At Troo we take security seriously, and incorporate security concerns into everything we do. Security is not an afterthought. We believe this is the most responsible approach.

Many tech companies enforce strict but arbitrary censorship rules which have more to do with protecting the company and enabling them to make more money than protecting their users.

Troo believes in letting people fully express themselves in whatever way they want to, and apart from breaking any laws, spreading lies and hate, or inciting violence, you are free to post what you want on Troo. Rather than us imposing morals on you, we prefer to encourage you to share in a way that is ethical and authentic to you.

People are more digitally connected but more socially isolated than ever. Suicide rates among socially isolated groups are on the rise. Certain minority groups are more prone to isolation and bullying with current social media platforms and practices.

Troo aims to change that. We want to change the world — one connection at a time — by promoting openness, healing, and mutual understanding.

We prefer quality over quantity. We offer you a safe space to store and share your data, and encourage you to be who you truly are.

Troo is for people who care, people who want more out of life, people who think we can all do better. If this is you, please join us!