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Our Mission

What could social media look like if a platform treated their community like human beings, instead of a “data factory”?

Being human means being social.

We see that as a virtue, something to be nurtured. Not to be manipulated for profit or taken advantage of. For too long, trading personal privacy for access to these social spaces has been accepted as just another "necessary evil." We think it’s an outrageous and unfair price to pay. Which led us to define our mission:

We are dedicated to providing a safe space to inspire community through ethical social media. It’s time for a platform that actually serves its people, especially those from vulnerable groups, and creates a place where they can come together, support, uplift one another, and most importantly feel seen and heard.

Our S.E.C.R.E.T. Recipe


Having complete control over your information, and who has access to it, and peace of mind knowing your every move isn’t being tracked.


Putting your needs first, in everything we create, and always working to understand and improve based on your feedback.


Focus on developing real connections, and fostering a more supportive environment.


Listening to diverse voices, and making sure the choices we make improve everyone’s experience.


Giving you the freedom to be exactly who you are, and encouraging growth through sharing resources and opportunities.


Providing a reliable platform that follows through on our intentions, and strives to maintain accountability and integrity.

Our Team

At its core, Troo is a group of talented, sincere, and optimistic individuals, dedicated to making the world a little better, one platform at a time. Each member brings their unique experiences and skill sets, and every voice counts.

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Ethical Social Media.

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